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Change is Hard: Win the Emotional Battles that Keep You from Being Healthy

Change is Hard: Win the Emotional Battles that Keep You from Being Healthy


Your body is a wonderland.

Sorry. Couldn’t resist using that John Mayer line.

It’s true, though. Your body is a wonderland. A wonderful creation pre-programmed to self-heal and regulate itself. It lets you know when it’s tired or is not functioning well. Amazing, isn’t it?

You only have one body, one that you’ll have for the rest of your life, so you have to take care of it by staying healthy. That is, eating right, allowing it to have enough rest, and balancing it with exercise. While not exactly rocket science, staying healthy is also not easy. Nor is it that simple.

Many people try, but only a few succeed. Do you want to be among those who succeeded? Read on!

I’ve personally tried several times to maintain healthier habits and I can honestly say starting is easy; keeping at it is hard.

And it’s not always about the physical stress. It’s mostly about the emotional challenges that keep you from living a healthy life. Many times, getting healthy is an emotional and mental issue. Our thoughts and emotions can get the better of us and keep us from living healthier. 

Let me explain.

While you may think you have a firm resolve to eat healthy food and live a healthy lifestyle, most of the time, it’s easier said than done. That’s because change is hard. And changing old habits, even harder. Whoever coined that quote, “Old habits die hard,” was pretty smart.

You may believe you have control over your behavior all the time but that’s not always the case. You can probably exercise some control over your actions, but that control inevitably loosens when faced with strong external factors, such as stress, anxiety, or even addiction. It's human nature!

What other challenges do we usually face when it comes to living healthy?

We want to eat only healthy food, but our busy work schedule doesn’t always allow it. Preparing healthy meals at home could be a challenge. At work, the only food that may be readily available are fatty food. So of course, we’d have to settle for what we can get. It’s understandable!

When we’re under stress or are having problems at home or work, our body may crave sweets, caffeine, or even alcohol. We tell ourselves that we owe it to ourselves to have a cheat day. We need it! We deserve it! And our resolve to stay healthy crumbles as quickly as that chocolate chip cookie we put in our mouths.

We also have an exceptional ability to rationalize practically any behavior. We can persuade ourselves to do anything we want to do and convince ourselves that it’s the right thing! And our determination to stay healthy is only as strong as our best excuses. 

But that doesn't mean we can't do it!

Listen! While these obstacles to losing weight are tough to overcome, it’s not impossible to rise above them. We can triumph over these challenges and live the healthy life we need!

Here are some tips to help you win the emotional and mental battles that keep you from staying healthy:

1. Change your heart, not just your mind.

Believe it or not, logically deciding to change your eating habits and adopting healthy habits doesn’t necessarily work. What you need is a change of heart. Understand your deepest desires and draw strength from these. You don’t want to get sick? Why not? Delve a little deeper. Perhaps, you have a family you love and want to take care of as best you can. Instead of focusing on just not getting sick, focus on wanting to be with your family for as long as your health allows. And that’s why you want to be as healthy as you can be! Pretty powerful motivation, huh?

2. Strengthen your self-discipline. 

Just like a muscle, it takes exercise and training to strengthen self-discipline. Change doesn’t happen overnight. Every time you resist temptation, you develop better self-control. Each temptation you overcome develops a muscle. Each muscle multiplies the more it’s used.

3. Learn from your mistakes. 

Like me, I'm sure you've probably tried making healthy decisions in the past. Maybe you're still trying now. Whatever mistakes you made before, you can learn from them! What did you do wrong? Gain knowledge from the experience so you don’t repeat the same error. Realize what isn’t working and grow from it.

4. Get support from friends and family.

While you’re the only one who can make the necessary changes in your lifestyle, you need emotional and even physical support from those close to you. Your family and friends have more influence on you than you can imagine. They can encourage you, inspire you, and drive you to do what you need to do to get healthier.

5. Set smaller goals rather than aiming too high and failing.

Smaller goals are more achievable in the short term and the feeling of triumph after each goal achievement will motivate you to continue on.

Again, change is hard. But you can make it happen!

Ultimately, your choices will be determined by your core values. What’s important to you? What drives you? Your deepest values can help you stay on track, even in the face of temptation. These can also work as your compass when you start to go astray.

You know what else works? Supplements.

At Havasu, we have several supplements that support good health and weight loss, like L-Arginine, Premium Fat Burner, Night Time Fat Burner, and Apple Cider Vinegar. As you struggle to win those emotional battles, it always helps to have someone on your side to help you on your way to great health.

For inquiries, talk to me here and let’s figure it out together! – Kendra

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