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How Music Benefits Your Total Health

How Music Benefits Your Total Health

Music changes a lot of things.


I've personally found that music plays an important part in life. It's a balm to your soul when you’re having a hard time. It’s great entertainment when you’re looking to just chill and have fun. It contributes deeply to self-expression. It lends inspiration when you need to be inspired.


More recently, I've found it plays a pretty significant role in staying healthy as well. Here’s how music can benefit your total health:

1. Great for working out

Great workout music gets you in the mood to exercise. I personally think the greatest holdback to working out is laziness. (Speaking for myself, of course!) Music powers up those lazy bones and makes you want to move. It energizes you! It also makes you less aware of your exertion. An effective distraction from that stitch on your side!

2. Powerful motivator  

After much effort, when you've somehow managed to keep up your diet and exercise regimen but your motivation to continue has begun to falter, listening to inspiring music will fire you up. It can actually revitalize your flagging spirits and increase energy. More than that, music can stimulate your creativity, helping you come up with great ideas you need for work, school, or any other undertaking! 

3. Improves your disposition

Sometimes, society can just be filled with negativity. I mean, just go on the most popular social media platforms and you could drown in a sea of negative posts and comments. Good music allows you to escape negativity and help you power through your day. It’s actually an easy way to reduce stress or anxiety and transform your mood for the better. 

4. Enhances sleep

I’m not necessarily talking about a lullaby here (that’s cute, though). I’m talking about the fact that when you have difficulty falling asleep, playing soft music (love ballads are the best!) has a calming effect and helps lull you to sleep.

5. Boosts memory

Apparently, the reiterative elements of music (melody and rhythm) help enhance memory. Stress rattles our brain, making it difficult for us to remember new things. To counter the adverse effects that stress has on your memory, you need to create a feeling of relaxation and calmness within. Music allows your brain to loosen up, become more disengaged and free of strain or anxiety. Relaxed, your brain is more equipped to function at its most efficient and store new information or memories.

As John R. Levine points out, “Music can lead people to greater health and happiness.

So jazz up your health and tune your way to a hale and hearty life with some fun music!

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