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Self-Healing: Once Upon a Time

Self-Healing: Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, there was self-healing.


While you may think it’s an antiquated idea—what with the continuing advances in modern medicine—self-healing still works.


Just what is it?


It’s not so complicated. In fact, you have frequently witnessed your own body’s ability to self-heal. Remember that cut or bruise that you never even treated? Yep, it healed by itself.


The human body was created to heal itself in so many ways. Consider your ability to produce renewable cells. How about to ease aches and pains naturally? Or even emotional healing, such as recovering from heartbreak or emotional turmoil?


Yes, your body is indeed capable of self-healing!


And we can learn to boost our natural ability to self-heal with a few quick steps. Feel the energy course through you and channel your thoughts and emotions towards healing. When you tune in to your energy, you can really change your life emotionally, mentally, and physically.


It’s almost as simple as tuning out of a channel with a negative frequency and moving towards a heartwarming show that makes you feel good. You can feel the difference there!


So how do you heal yourself? Check out these simple steps that you can easily follow:


1. Sit comfortably and relax while consciously paying attention to your breathing.

Focus on the flow of your natural breathing. This will allow you to tune in to the present and keep your thoughts from interfering for the next few minutes.


2. Rub your palms together in quick motions for about 30 to 60 seconds.


Feel the warmth seep through your palms from the friction. Allow a small smile to curve your lips as you rub your hands. Remember that smiling can also heal and change your mood for the better in a matter of a few seconds.


3. With palms facing each other in front of you, hold them 6-8 inches apart and feel the energy flowing between them.

This energy has always been present, albeit unnoticed. Bask in its presence now and awaken your awareness to it. Keep smiling!


4. With eyes closed, try to channel the energy up your arms and through your body.


The intent is to awaken the energy in your body with the focus on feeling and healing. Try and transport that energy to the part of your body which may be feeling some sort of illness or stress. Keep the energy there, as if distributing love and healing to your body. You may have to “restart” by rubbing your hands against each other again if you feel like the energy is winding down. You can also visualize the energy as a white light or something if that helps. There’s really no wrong way to do this just as long as you’re feeling it and you smile through the process.


5. Stay with this energy flow.


Redirect the energy to other parts of your body and feel how it spreads through you. Take it to those areas that usually bring you pain and thank your body for developing this awareness and stimulating your self-healing.


Playing with this energy flow for even five minutes can bring a state of joy and peace that you may have felt was impossible even minutes earlier.


How did you feel, now that you’re in tune with your body’s energy?


Pretty amazing, right?


In just five minutes, you can direct the flow of energy and feel your state of being. Best of all, you can enhance your ability to self-heal—body, mind, and spirit. And you don’t need any special talent to do it!


By performing this self-healing exercise regularly, you can live a life that invites the flow of ease, good health, and peace into your life!


That’s your happily ever after.





5 Easy Steps To Self-Healing In 5 Minutes

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