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15 Tips for Having a Baby in 2020

15 Tips for Having a Baby in 2020

Nicki Minaj just blew up Instagram and Twitter with her #preggers announcement pic, which means (a) you know a baby boom just happened during quarantine (or was there?) and (b) there are going to be a lot of tips going around for expecting moms. We are here to add 15 tips of our own, and please be sure to consult a physician before following any of these:

1. Since this is the rap queen we’re talking about, let’s start with baby jams. Music has healing powers, whether you are a growing fetus or an Alzheimer’s patient. It's good for any age. That’s why the great composers created lullabies. For expecting moms, it increases endorphins and that reduces pain and creates a sense of well-being in the brain. There is plenty of research on this, in case you have never rapped about Anacondas.

2. Drink lots of water. Pregnant women can dehydrate easily as amniotic fluid is produced, blood volume increases, and nausea can happen. Most expecting moms need an extra 10 ounces or so of liquid for a total of roughly a half-gallon a day. Add lemon slices to your water to improve your complexion, and you can let ice melt in your mouth to reduce acid reflux.

3. According to the American Pregnancy Association, Omega-3 fatty acids are essential throughout our entire life spans, and especially important during pregnancy through breastfeeding. If you don’t want that fishy aftertaste while you are expecting, then Havasu Nutrition Omega + DHA Gummies are an easy and tasty way to fill this need. Omega-3s are a key building block of the fetal brain, eyes and nervous system.

4. Stay away from alcohol, smoking, heavy lifting, overeating, constant sun, soft cheese, raw fish, uncomfortable shoes, empty-calorie foods, overmedicating, street drugs (obviously), over-the-counter medication (without consultation), and stress in general. Quit any bad habits -- but if that includes nicotine, don’t do it on your own. Surround yourself with love, support and peace.

5. Exercise without overdoing it. If you were exercising before becoming pregnant, you probably can maintain your program to some degree. Either way, look at recommended guidelines to be sure you are following a safe plan, and again always goes through the doc first. Exercise helps your mood and circulation, gives you more energy, and leads to better sleep. Practice Kegels and consider online yoga and light weights exercise videos.

6. Connect with nature. All that sunshine and fresh air helps you metabolize important nutrients like Vitamin D. Vitamin D2 and D3 are the most important compounds for human development. Smell the flowers, take in your local botanical gardens. Take a daily stroll. Just watch your footing.

7. Write a birth plan and tour the birthplace facilities if it's not at home. Educate yourself about the whole beautiful world of having a baby, because everything else will pale quite a bit, trust us. Empower yourself so you won’t be scared of the process. Join the bajillions who have read What To Expect When You’re Expecting, see this Aetna Better Health guide, see this list and that list, and look over all the amazing blogs by moms who have gone through it. Hopefully this is a head start right here.

8. Take probiotics! Havasu Nutrition offers Probiotic Gummies and Advanced Prebiotic + Probiotic capsules. Again, be sure your physician clears the use of either of these first. Read No. 8 on this Healthline Parenthood list of supplements considered safe during pregnancy.

9. Look over Safe Catch Tuna recipes. These are mom-tested and even more Omega-3 as your needs for fish oil increase. Are you serious with this Avocado Stuffed with Mexican Tuna Salad?

10. It’s OK to put on weight, even expected. Don’t go crazy about it. You’re eating for (at least) two now. Eat food with fiber.

11. Know how to stay healthy during a pandemic. It’s not pregnancy-as-usual. Be alert to the symptoms of Covid-19, even if you already think you know it all.

12. Whatever mood you’re in, good job! You might be irritable, cranky and crying for no reason in particular. . . and you might be blissful. You’ll be all over the place. It’s a good place, and it’s your place, and that’s all that matters.

13. You don't really need to stock up on maternity clothes. Consider this suggestion from one of our favorite list of tips for expecting moms: "Just buy a belly band or button extender and wear your normal clothes." We found lots of beauty tips for the occasion here.

14. Take prenatal vitamins with folic acid. Stay away from Vitamins A and E. Our previous suggestion of Omega + DHA Gummies is especially meaningful because DHA is also listed multiple times on the Healthline Parenthood list of recommendations.

15. Hit up Instagram with that #preggers selfie like Nicki. When you wanna frump, don’t be afraid to show that bump! Then make sure to show the world your newborn pic while you are on top of the world.

Please feel free to add any tips of your own for expectant parents in the comments!


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