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Ready, Collagen Students? 10 Smart Recipes to Learn

Ready, Collagen Students? 10 Smart Recipes to Learn

I always wanted to have 93 million Instagram followers like Kourtney Kardashian, but hey, at least we have one thing in common. We both think it’s really cool to mix Collagen Peptide Powder into a hot morning beverage to start your day.

Actually, I have nine additional recipe suggestions for you now that so many people are on board with this stuff. American consumers alone are expected to spend $293 million in 2020 on collagen supplements, up from just $50 million back in 2014, according to the Nutrition Business Journal. Adding collagen in your diet replaces what we naturally lose as we age, so it can make you look younger and make your gut lining happy.

Collagen is a basic building block of hair, nails, skin and bones/joints. It is the most abundant protein in our bodies, adding elasticity and regenerating our very selves. Collagen peptides dissolve in both hot and cold liquid and never thicken, so give it a try and experiment as long as there is liquid involved in your dish. Start with these 10:

1. Collagen Protein Pancakes

Start your day with a fluffy stack of goodness made with almond flour, eggs and collagen. The higher your stack, the younger you get! Kind of like Benjamin Button.

2. Nutty Cabbage Fennel Collagen Soup

Cabbage, fennel and brazil nuts are three things I love. But let’s face it, they are not exactly as popular a trio as Jordan, Pippen and Rodman. Or Earth, Wind and Fire. In fact they might be the least likely trio in history. They are chock-full of fiber, magnesium and antioxidants, though, and collagen brings it all together.

3. Lentil Salad with Oil-Free Collagen Dijon Dressing
I live in St. Pete, and this sounds like the perfect refreshing salad for hot and muggy nights. Better than mosquitoes, anyway. Wherever you live, summers will be better with this. It’s packed with protein and fills you up.

4. Cinnamon Collagen Coffee Latte
I don’t have 93 million Instagroupies but I know you would like this. Combine cinnamon and espresso, then mix in almond milk and collagen. The only possible downside is that it might be the best thing that happens to you today.


Speaking of a pick me up, I scoop Collagen Peptides in my Coffee at home too (it's tasteless and adds a healthy boost)
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5. Collagen Popsicles
“I promise I didn’t put collagen in your popsicles!” - #ParentsWhoFib

6. Shakshuka au Collagen
OK, I made up the name of this one. I’ve been obsessed with this traditional Middle Eastern recipe ever since I had it for the first time at Hummus Place on New York’s Upper West Side. The hot skillet features easy and awesome ingredients like garlic, tomatoes, onions and spices in an egg base. Sop it up with torn pita bread. You’ll want those popsicles after this hottie.

7. Vanilla Shortbread Berry Collagen Crumble
Heavy on the flavor and full of healthy fats.

8. Zucchini Collagen Protein Bread
If you were making sourdough bread during quarantine, then (a) you might like this better and (b) you could have thrown collagen into that, too. Supports improved joint and gut health. Top it with veggies, even a slab of butter.

9. Strawberry Banana Collagen Smoothie Bowl
Perfect for post-workout recovery, as I continue that drive to lose 40 pounds.  As a bonus, consider this Chocolate Coconut Key Smoothie Bowl.

10. Coconut Collagen Muffins
This is great for your own continental breakfast, especially if someone you know is serving it to you in bed. It’s as a good late-night cheat treat. Coconut oil, honey and almond milk are among some of the yummy ingredients. And collagen is the star.

No time to make food? Pop some Collagen Gummies for the road.

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