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5 Easy Ways You Can Use Collagen to Grow Stronger, Longer Hair

5 Easy Ways You Can Use Collagen to Grow Stronger, Longer Hair

Reap the benefits of longer, stronger, & healthier hair with collagen peptides.


Ok, ladies, let’s be honest. As we age, well… it comes with its challenges. You know the ones we're talking about...


On top of that, at an increasing rate, our bodies are losing collagen--all that good stuff that keeps our skin looking beautiful.


But did you know collagen is not only for fabulous looking skin? It’s also what gives us longer, healthier, and shinier hair


What is Collagen and Why Do I Need a Collagen Supplement?

 The answer is it simply depends...


Do collagen supplements help grow hair


Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It's a major building block in bone structure, connective tissues, nails, and skin. It is key in wound healing and joint health.


But as we age, our body breaks down collagen faster than we can replace it. Poor habits like smoking and having too much sugar in our diet can speed up the collagen breakdown process even more.


Cue the lines and wrinkles


 If you're thinking...'I know this already, but how can I fix this ASAP?'

Well, of course we've got you on this one... 

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On top of that, collagen plays a critical role in hair health.


Because we are losing more collagen over time, our hair begins to thin. It becomes weaker, more brittle, and we lose that luster + shine we had back in our teens.


You may have even noticed your hair doesn’t seem to grow as fast either...


How Can Collagen Make My Hair Grow?

Beautiful hair starts at the cellular level...



How can I grow my hair faster 


Collagen runs the show, telling other cells what to do, which triggers the production and growth of new collagen fibers.


With its skin improving features, collagen not only reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles on our faces, it also strengthens the skin structure on the scalp, giving a stronger base for hair roots to form.


Imagine collagen cells looking like plump, juicy, micro-grapes surrounding a strand of hair. [Gross! but stay with us here]  


Similar to how collagen plumps up our skin, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, the same concept applies to hair.


When collagen is abundant around the hair shaft, it becomes thicker. When it’s not, think of those grapes looking more like raisins causing hair to appear thin.


Plus, as an antioxidant, collagen protects hair from damage caused from free radicals like UV rays and pollutants. When defenseless, damage leads to hair turning dry and brittle, making it more prone to breakage. And it might be the reason why it seems hair isn’t growing past a certain length.


Also, collagen works to enhance hair’s natural shine by reducing frizz and split ends too. Kiss those bad hair days goodbye!


What Can Make My Hair Stronger?

 Feed your hair from the inside out.



What can make my hair stronger


While there are foods that promote collagen production like eggs and fish. It would take eating a whole lot of them to replenish what is needed.


This is why a collagen supplement is so important for growing hair. Collagen comes in many different forms and can be taken in a variety of ways.


5 Easy Ways to Incorporate Collagen in Your Diet


If you don't prefer a standard supplement... more of a boost your current habits gal or guy, here's 5 unique ways you can add collagen to your daily routine


1. Use it in hot teas or coffee

Collagen dissolves quickly in hot liquids. 


What can you use collagen with



2. Add it to your favorite smoothie or shake

For the workout warriors or just for an afternoon treat, sprinkling collagen into a shake provides a super boost of protein & aminos.




3. Toss it in a bottle of water & shake!

Pro-Tip: add a sprig of mint & a couple of lemon slices for flavor




4. Give Your Snack a Healthy Boost

Sprinkle it in yogurt or peanut butter and take your afternoon snack up a notch




5. Take a collagen gummy instead

Pro-Tip: Here's 40% off your first order of Collagen Gummies 


 Possibly the quickest and most convenient way to strengthen your hair and nails while improving your skin health. Take one gummy a day and watch all three improve substantially, or we'll buy it back from you! 




 Whether it's in a snack or comes from a pack, there's no doubt adding more collagen to your diet will give your body more of what it needs. 


Plus, who doesn't love good hair?




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