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6 Great Home Remedies for Skin Tags

6 Great Home Remedies for Skin Tags

I always find beauty in the things that are odd and imperfect—they are much more interesting. – Marc Jacobs


We all suffer from skin imperfections; skin tags among them.


These are your body’s natural reaction to certain elements, which may include an unhealthy diet, hormonal imbalance, unhealthful lifestyle, and excessive sun exposure.


While skin tags are usually harmless blemishes that form on the skin (usually on your armpits, neck, chest or groin area), they can get uncomfortable.


And if you’re like me who’s not into breaking the bank for what I consider beauty treatments or procedures, there are several practical DIY methods that can help clear up those blemishes.


Let’s take a look at some home remedies—found in your medicine or kitchen cabinet—to help eliminate skin tags.


1. Banana Peel

Old banana peels can be useful for drying out these blemishes. To do this, place a small piece of banana peel over the tag and set it in place by covering it with a bandage. Make this a nightly ritual to remove the skin tag.


2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Drench a cotton ball in Apple Cider Vinegar and apply it over the skin tag. Keep it in place using a bandage and leave it overnight. The acidity of the ACV will melt down the tissue around the affected area, which can help reduce or eliminate the blemish over time.


3. Garlic

While not exactly the most fragrant option, garlic does possess effective anti-inflammatory benefits. Crush a clove of garlic and apply it over the skin tag. Bandage the area to keep the clove in place and let it stay overnight. Make sure to wash the area the next morning and repeat the process until the blemish dries and vanishes completely.


4. Tea tree oil

Possessing strong antifungal properties, the tea tree oil is a great and safe way to rid yourself of skin tags. After washing the area, soak a Q-tip or cotton ball in a few drops of tea tree oil and gently apply over the skin tag. Put a bandage on the area and leave it overnight. Repeat this until the blemish disappears.


5. Baking Soda and Castor Oil

Create a baking soda-castor oil paste by mixing a pinch of baking soda with a drop of castor oil. Apply on the affected area twice a day (morning and night). Leave it on for a few hours and repeat for three consecutive days or until the tag is gone.


6. Vitamin E (oil)

Developing skin tags is one visible sign of aging. Because Vitamin E helps keep your skin healthy, applying its liquid form over the area can actually get rid of it in a few days. Just massage the vitamin E over your skin tag and the skin around it. Repeat regularly until the tag disappears.


We also recommend trying out Havasus Biotin Gummies a natural B-7 vitamin that works on a cellular level to support healthy skin (among others!).


If you’ve had any skin-sational experience successfully removing a skin tag or other blemishes using a natural method, tell us about it in the comments section below! Cheers!


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