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6 Cool Winter Activities to Keep You Active

6 Cool Winter Activities to Keep You Active

Winter is coming.

*Cue ominous music. Well, it’s been coming for 8 seasons, really. (Game of Thrones reference!)

But seriously, with how fast the days are coming along, winter is almost here.

We know that regular exercise is important if you have to stay in great health. With winter coming soon, it will be quite difficult to keep the exercise going.

I get it–it’s so just so inviting to either stay in bed or lounge in a couch. But you and I know it’s important to stay active in the winter months, right?

This is why I thought I’d share some strategies to keep you active this winter (watch out for some movie references!):

1. Do you want to build a snowman?


Yes, I know it’s Frozen outside.

But that doesn’t mean you have to stay inside ALL the time, right? Bundle up and get your heart rate going! Take your kids to the park, walk the dog, create snow angels, catch snowflakes, or build a snowman! Just have some fun! 

2. Let’s Get Physical!

If you’re having trouble getting to a class or are just not keen on group workouts, try going on YouTube and finding an exercise video that will get you moving this cold season. There are loads of them to choose from! And because you’re doing it at home, you can even wear your Olivia Newton-John leotards!

3. Go Cutting Edge!

For those of you born after the 1990s, this means go skating! (Cutting Edge was a popular figure skating movie in 1992.)

Because it’s winter, are many outdoor rinks to choose from. Enjoy the fresh, brisk air out there!

4. Get your Happy Feet on and go skiing or snow tubing

Hit the slopes, go skiing, or do some tobogganing! If you’re not into these, consider snow tubing.

It’s super fun to slide to the bottom of a slope! Don’t forget to review some safety tips before doing any of these, though.

5. Stomp the Yard and try winter hiking

Have you noticed how beautiful the winter colors are? Go winter hiking in the woods or a park, enjoy the scenery, and take cool snowy pictures.

6. Visit an indoor La La Land

Avert cabin fever by going out and visiting another indoor location. Choose a place that also offers some sort of physical activity such as a gym, an indoor basketball or badminton court, a bowling alley, an ice-skating rink, an indoor pool, or—wait for it—a dance studio!

So, what do you think?

The winter weather may force you to adjust your outdoor routine, but that doesn’t mean you have to hibernate at home! You can still have a great time and keep active!

If you need an assist with your winter nutrition and weight management, check out our line of health supplements here!

Keep moving!

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