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6 Practical Tips for Naturally Beautiful Nails news

6 Practical Tips for Naturally Beautiful Nails


Nails are getting a lot of love nowadays.


I was out and about the other day and it suddenly hit me that there was a lot of nail salons doing great business everywhere.


What’s all the fuss?


It may surprise you to know that nails are like a special form of skin. They act as a protective cover for your fingers and toes, enhance your fingertips’ ability to feel, and help your fingertips peel, dig, grab, tear, climb, scratch, and pick up tiny things.


Can you imagine not being able to scratch an itch? Ugh. It’ll be torture!


This is exactly why we need to take care of our nails.


I personally don’t think it’s even necessary to visit the salon regularly in order to maintain neat, healthy, and even beautiful nails. A balanced diet, good habits, and thoughtful personal hygiene can result in pretty and healthy nails without breaking the bank.


Here are some practical tips for salon-worthy nails:


1. Don’t bite your fingernails or peel off your manicure. These can damage the nail bed and peel off the thin layers protecting your nails. Note that even a small cut on your fingernail open the door for bacteria and fungi to get in and trigger an infection.


2. Don’t trim your cuticles. Cuticles shield your fingertips against bacteria, and chipping or cutting them off can result in infections. Instead, moisten the cuticles with cuticle remover and push them back with a pusher. Remove dead skin by trimming them.


3. Moisturize. You rub lotion or oil onto your hands, right? You can work it into your cuticles and nails, as well. Hand sanitizers and hand washing formula can dry out your skin and nails, so get into the habit of moisturizing your hands, fingers, and nails after washing. You may also consider using coconut oil as it’s excellent for moisturizing your nails and cuticles.


4. Keep your nails away from harsh polish! If you’re a nail polish–wearing kind of person, choose your nail polish well. Most nail polish products contain a lot of toxic chemicals that can damage your nails. Try water-based nail polishes. They may not last as long, but at least, your nails will be safe from harm.

Check out companies like Sally Hansen, Revlon, Body Shop, as these companies are among those who produce polishes that don’t contain these harmful chemicals.


4. Choose a safe polish remover. There are a number of acetone-free removers out there; these options are less harsh on your nails. Read the label before you buy!


5. Go buff. Your nails, that is. *grin

I realize that some people consider their nails as a status symbol, a form of artistic expression, or just something that’s aesthetically pleasing. And that’s all good!

Going buff may not be as striking or fancy as colored nails, but it has its own charm. You’d be surprised how pretty buffed nails can look! It goes without saying that you need to trim and file them regularly as well.

Just a tip. Don’t file your nail back and forth like a saw because doing so weakens your nails. Remember to file your nail from the outside going inward for best results.


6. Eat healthier. Following a well-balanced diet is essential to have healthy nails. Eating foods high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids are important. Increase your vitamin B intake to help reduce your nail brittleness. Got white spots on them? Beef up your zinc intake. Worried about ridges on those nails? Take iron. To strengthen them? Level up on your calcium intake. Unhappy with dull and dry nails? Vitamins A and C are vital. But most importantly, stay hydrated by regularly drinking plenty of water!


Want to nail down (pun intended!) that stunning salon-worthy look? Try supplementing! Check out Havasu’s Collagen Peptides, your ticket to radiant skin, lustrous hair, and gorgeous nails.  


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