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9 Uncommon Ways to Get Uncommonly Good Skin

9 Uncommon Ways to Get Uncommonly Good Skin

Happiness is a habit. So is your skincare.


When it comes to skincare, you probably already know what to do: cleanse, exfoliate, tone, and moisturize. But sometimes, despite your best efforts, the most popular skin care tips aren’t doing enough to make your skin look and feel the way you want it to.


Luckily, you can do more to have your skin feeling smoother, more supple and vibrant, and reduce breakouts.


Numerous blogs and articles talk about common skincare regimen, but here, we’ll talk more about the more uncommon tricks that can actually make your skin look—and feel—better. Let’s get creative, shall we?



Okay, that was not the most hygienic way to start this list but—do you know that sweating can make your skin more refreshed?

Sure, sweat could result in breakouts—IF you wear sweaty, tight clothes for long periods of time without washing them! But otherwise, a bit of sweat never hurt anyone. In fact, it can be very good for your skin as it opens up your pores, releases dirt from them, and generally compels your skin to work well.



This will probably come as a surprise, but fresh mint is rich in salicylic acid, which reduces inflammation and lightens up your skin. It also helps nourish and hydrate your skin, prevent acne and lighten scars, increase collagen production, and enhance your skin’s elasticity. Oh, and did I mention how refreshing it feels and smells when you apply it on your face? Find out how to use Mint as part of your skincare regimen!



Acne is quite often brought about by hormonal imbalance. Traditional and cosmetic acupuncture can help restore balance to your hormones. By reconditioning your body’s natural harmony, you can reduce the frequency and severity of breakouts. It also helps your face become softer and more hydrated.


Indoor plants

Indoor pollution can be more harmful than outdoor pollution.  A plant in your home or on your desk at work will act as an effective air filter and help purify the air around your home better than any air purifier you can buy in stores.

Water-based hair products

I’ve personally experienced acne breakouts on my upper back, forehead, and both sides of my face. According to my dermatologist, the breakouts were due to certain hair products I used (shampoo, conditioner, styling creams, etc.) that contain chemicals and waxes that clog pores and therefore cause acne. No matter how careful you are, these products tend to drip toward your face and body as you shower or when you sweat. It can also be transmitted through your pillowcase when you lie down!

That said, use hair products with water-based formulas and stay away from products that contain wax and oil. You’ll see the difference, I swear!


Tea bags 

Those used tea bags? They can be reused! Apply cold tea bags over your eyes for 10 minutes to help get rid of the dark circles or puffiness around your eyes. To lessen redness and inflammation, apply these tea bags over the lesions for five minutes, twice a day. Nifty, huh?



Yep, you read it right. I, too, would never have imagined that vodka could ever do anything to help aid great skin. But indeed it can! Combine one part vodka and three parts water then use it as a toner to minimize your pores. It also works as an effective antiseptic for wounds!


Frozen Spoons

Here’s something that can give you quick results! Just chill 4-6 metal spoons on your freezer for about 15 minutes, place the curved part of the spoons on your (closed) eyes until the spoons warm up. Swap the spoons with the cold ones if puffiness doesn’t go away immediately.


Cold Shower

I know, I know. Not many people enjoy a cold shower but still—it's way better for your skin than taking a hot shower. No worries, I’m not saying you endure a 20-minute long cold shower to get this to work. You can actually still take your hot shower then finish off with a cold-water rinse. This seals the moisture in your body and prevents skin dryness. Makes sense, right?




In this era of selfies, we find ourselves under extreme pressure to display great skin. But you know having good skin is essential for more than looking good—and it’s way more than skin-deep. Right?


Being the largest organ in our body, the skin protects your internal organs from external pollutants, microorganisms, and UV rays. It’s a 24-hour barrier that shields you from external elements. And healthy skin means a stronger barrier.


We know that the path to great skin is paved with challenges, which is why Havasu provides supplements that benefit your skin’s health along with your overall wellness.


Many users swear by Apple Cider Vinegar and DHEA, both of which have helped them achieve better and brighter skin (among their multiple other benefits).


Oh, and can you keep a secret? Havasu's gearing up to launch new products designed to benefit your skin. Stay tuned!


Meanwhile, check our product page—and forget about camera filters! With these 9 uncommon ways to get great skin, plus a boost from Havasu’s Apple Cider Vinegar and DHEA, you can finally go healthy and filter-free. 



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