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Allergies, Flu, Coronavirus, Oh My! - Understanding the How the Immune System Works

Allergies, Flu, Coronavirus, Oh My! - Understanding the How the Immune System Works

From here to there, germs are everywhere. Literally.


All over the earth, these tiny little infection-causing bacteria, parasites, fungi, and viruses are always looking for a place to call home.


And the human body is the ideal environment. It’s our job to do all that we can to protect our bodies and to find ways to support the immune system. By doing so, we are not only helping ourselves but protecting our friends and loved ones as well. 

 How Does the Immune System Work?


The human body is equipped with its own mobilized response unit...


A highly skilled network of cells, tissues, and organs that work as one to defend the body against germs. As an amazingly complex structure, the immune system has the ability to recognize millions of enemies.


When it is in tip-top shape, the immune system can go toe-to-toe with any invader, wiping them out, cell by cell. The immune system works by having the ability to know the difference between our body’s own cells and the cells of an invader. Because of this, it is constantly working to repel harmful microbes.


An infection occurs when a pathogen (germ) invades the body, attacks the cell, and reproduces. When this happens, the infection in the body will prompt an immune system response. 


Allergies, on the other hand, are like a false alarm. Something as harmless as grass or pollen can be mistaken as a threat to the body. 


This is why allergy sufferers are constantly sneezing. A sneeze is a defense mechanism for the immune system. 

 Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System


Unlike bacteria, viruses cannot be killed by antibiotics due to their genetic structure. That is why having a healthy immune system is so important.




But it can’t do it alone...


The performance of our immune system can be influenced by the decisions we make. Ultimately, living a healthy lifestyle and incorporating a healthy diet are the best ways to strengthen the immune system.


However, incorporating nutritional supplements like elderberry gummies is an easy way to make sure that our nutritional needs are met. 


 What are the Benefits of Elderberry?


Elderberries get their “superpowers” from the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants packed within each little berry.  Not only used as a form of prevention, taking elderberry may ease the symptoms and shorten the duration of disease, especially different types of upper respiratory infections, by a few days. 



Interested in getting ahead of the curve by adding Elderberry to your diet? Take 35% off our Elderberry Gummies today and see what 7,000+ others are saying... 


 What's Inside These Special Berries?


The secret behind the elderberry's effectiveness is something called anthocyanins: a type of flavonoid antioxidant, which helps the body fight free radicals.


The anthocyanins are also responsible for giving elderberry its anti-inflammatory effects and the ability to reduce irritation in the body caused by bacteria and viruses.



 Elderberry is also high in Vitamin C, which is one of the main supporters of the immune system. The role of Vitamin C is to seek out the cells of a virus and help shield the body’s own healthy cells from invasion. 


Our Choices, Our Health


It takes a team effort for the immune system to work.


As the star player on your team, making simple adjustments and choosing what's best for boosting the immune system are the easiest ways you can help support it.

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