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Apple Picking: The Ultimate Fall Tradition

Apple Picking: The Ultimate Fall Tradition

At the heart of every family tradition is a meaningful experience.” – Unknown



Ah, family traditions.


Apple picking is one such tradition; an enjoyable activity to share with family and friends this fall. If there’s a fruit-related endeavor that is nearest and dearest to our hearts, it’s apple picking.


Just the thought of it gives me a feeling of warmth, of familiarity, of family. It brings to mind thoughts of apple cider, apple pies, and unsanitary party games (i.e. bobbing for apples). It reminds me of the fall weather, changing out my summer wardrobe for fall clothes, and the leaves changing—a refreshing shift because for once, the word doesn’t make you think about pricey mobile phones and gadgets. (Get it?)


So now, I’m sure you’re now itching to go apple picking! But before you do that, let’s have a look at some tips that would help make the experience more meaningful and fun!


How do you pick apples?

Choose your apples the same way you choose your iPhone! Pristine, firm, and scratch-free. Unlike the iPhone, however, they have to be crunchy when you bite into them. *grin


Some other tips to remember include twisting the apple upwards before picking it. Once picked, you once again treat them like your precious iPhone by placing the apples gently on the basket or bag to avoid bruising it. Bruised apples will rot the fastest and spoil the others as well.


To increase their shelf life, keep the apples cool after picking them. Don’t forget to wash them well before eating or cooking!


What kind of apples should you choose?

Apples range in color, taste, and size. Red, orange, yellow, green. Sweet or sour-ish. Generally, the best months to go apple-picking are September and October. Some apples, however, are best picked in certain months. Check out this link for some guidance on when best to pick certain apples.


Where’s the best place to go?

You can find most orchards in the countryside. If you cannot bring your own transportation, it would be best to check ahead of time if public transportation is available in your chosen area. Depending on how many apples you intend to pick, you may need a car or you could end up lugging some heavy stuff home!


Most orchards don’t charge admission, but just charge a fee depending on the weight of the apples. Visit this link for a list of apple orchards you can visit by state.


While just eating the succulent fruits of your labor would be awesome, the significance of the activity doesn’t just end there. What’s more important are the memories, the tradition, the photos you took, and the time spent together with your loved ones. The beauty of it is that you create your own tradition. And the memories are kept in your heart.


In case you’re interested, we do have an apple at Havasu! Check out our Apple Cider Vinegar, an awesome way to gently cleanse the body and ward off unhealthy bacteria.



Enjoy apple-picking, apple-eating, and have an apple-perfect day! - Kendra

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