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Dancing for Fitness: Exercising Your Right to Dance news

Dancing for Fitness: Exercising Your Right to Dance


Why walk your way through life when you can dance?” – Unknown 


I’m a bad dancer; I have to admit that.


Well, I’m not awful all the time, but my dancing is generally awkward and funny, at best.


But hey, that doesn’t stop me from wanting—and trying—to dance! So what if I suck? Dancing is such fun!


Really. You don’t have to move like Michael Jackson or Justin Timberlake to dance. And it’s not just about having fun. There are actually so many wonderful benefits to dancing!


Benefits of dancing


Dancing offers a whole-body workout. It's great for your heart, develops strength, and aids with mobility, coordination, and balance. All that shimmie-ing and rhythmic movements engage your entire body. Whether you do hip-hop, ballroom, ballet, salsa, or whatever, 30 minutes of continuous dance can burn about 130 to 250 calories.


A dance workout can target different areas of your body (core, arms, legs, glutes, or back), depending on your dance of choice.


Dancing is also a terrific way to reduce stress. It’s therapeutic as it releases your worries and stresses.


And we can’t forget that dancing can also help you lose weight! Way better than jogging or running because you don’t have to put as much pressure on your legs and knees.


When it comes to exercise, getting into the groove is probably the most difficult part because it entails making a commitment. Of course, it’s different for dancers, but let’s assume you aren’t one of those, shall we?


For common non-professional dancing folks like you and I, we need some guidance and motivation before we can make getting jiggy a routine.


Let’s have a look at some types of dances that you can do for a fantastic workout!


Line Dancing

A choreographed dance characterized by a repetitive sequence of steps executed by a group of people in a line at the same time. This kind of dance used to be for western music, but has now evolved to R&B, soul, and hip-hop, as well. If you’re a newbie dancer, this one could be a good starting point.



Who hasn’t heard of this dance program? Zumba involves interval and resistance training and modern and aerobic dance rolled into one cardio workout. Perfect for burning calories!


Pole Dancing

Ties to exotic dance notwithstanding, pole dancing is actually a great resistance and strength training. Do you want a toned body? Yep, this dance workout is the one for you.



Oh, wow. This is a dance that, after several attempts, my husband just gave up teaching me. But, whatever. This is the kind of dancing you do with a partner. Awesome for boosting your mood!



This is what I call letting loose. Whether you’re dancing at a club with your friends or just mindlessly moving to the music in your pajamas at home, free-style dancing can totally ease stress. And it’s easy to do!


Whether you’re working on being the next JLo, wanting to amp up your workout routine, or aiming to start dancing for fitness, trying out any of these dance workouts will be a fabulous way to get your body in shape!


What are you waiting for? Let’s get it!


Disclaimer: Havasu Nutrition strongly recommends consulting your doctor before beginning any workout/exercise program. 


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