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HIIT Workouts You Can Do at Home news

HIIT Workouts You Can Do at Home

The more we do, the more we can do; the more busy we are, the more leisure we have. - William Hazlitt 

Most of us lead lives that don’t exactly allow room for hours spent in a sweaty gym. So a brief but intense workout is the way to go.


Enter HIIT.


High-Intensity Interval Training helps burn fat, tone muscles, and increase endurance. And these workouts can be done within the comfort of your home!




HIIT has long been considered one of the best and most effective cardio training. And no, it’s not just another workout craze. It efficiently combines high-intensity workouts (i.e. jumping jacks, forearm planks, jump squats) and low-intensity exercises (i.e. walking, elliptical, cycling).


And that’s not all!


You actually don’t need a lot of equipment for this to work out (pun totally intended!). Just make sure you bring a ton of determination and motivation with you because these exercises will challenge your heart rate and sweat glands. I’m sweating just thinking about it. Phew!


Proven to be an extremely efficient fat burner, stamina builder, and metabolism booster, the routines take about 30 minutes long and melts down fat up to 6 times faster than running! Quite possibly, HIIT is the best fat burning training you can do at home. And it’s good for both men and women!


Let’s check out some of the most effective HIIT workouts you can try on your living room!


But first, it would be best if you could workout with someone who has some experience doing HIIT because you need to make sure your routines are done correctly for maximum fat-blasting, muscle-gaining benefit!


I’d also advise to start short. Do a 10-minute workout for starters, and slowly push yourself to up-to thirty minutes as you progress.


Ready to get started? Let’s go!



Yes, yes, I understand. There was a time when I absolutely abhorred this particular exercise. But you’ll get over it, I promise! This is the one of the best ways (if not the best way) to develop strength in your upper body. Just remember to hold your elbows close to your body and keep your hands apart, in alignment with your shoulders. Your chest should be within touching distance of the floor. Keep your core tight and your legs straight and steady. Go!



This is an effective way to tone your legs and get some strength in them! Try jumping lunges for an awesome fat-melting workout. You can also do several other variations to this exercise to focus on your glutes.



If you’re looking to tone and strengthen your legs and glutes, this is the one for you! Done correctly, this is an easy and really effective workout routine. Just don’t forget to keep your back strong and your core tight!


Mountains Climbers

A popular workout routine that targets your core and abs but really works on many other muscle groups, it’s like a complete body workout in one routine! 

  1. Get into a full plank position (on your hands and toes).
  2. Ensure that your hands are shoulder-width apart, holding your back straight, abs tight and, head aligned.
  3. Pull your right knee towards your chest as close as you’re able to. Then switch and pull your other knee in.
  4. Start slow, but progress to doing this as far and as fast as you’re able to, keeping your hips down. 



You’d be hard-pressed to find another routine as challenging as the burpee. Why? This exercise requires you to perform a total of two squats, three jumps, and a push-up in just one count! 


Greatist’s Sally Tamarkin explains the most commonly performed burpee here.


Listen, if you’ve got 30 minutes to go on Twitter or Instagram, you definitely have time for this!


Just remember that in order for these routines to truly be considered HIIT, you really do have to put some intense effort into it.


You may also want to get some support from Havasu’s L-Arginine, often used as a sports nutrition supplement that offers muscle gains and vascularity.


Sign up for our HIIT Workout Guide on the bottom of our homepage, and step up your game with a bonus workout today!



So, are you ready to get sweaty? Bring it!



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