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Looking Good, Feeling Great!

Looking Good, Feeling Great!

Physical appearance matters.

Alright, alright. Before you get triggered by that statement, let me explain. 

Appearances do matter—but not in the way you think. Truth is, how you look contributes a lot to how you feel about yourself.

Let’s illustrate. When you have that all-important sales presentation, would you feel comfortable going with your hair mussed, clothes un-pressed or stained? If you’ve been invited to your ex’s wedding, would you feel good attending without looking your best? If you’re going out on a date with the person of your dreams, would you want to look shabby?

Admit it or not, appearance matters.

Because many times, it determines the way you feel about yourself. When you look good, you feel great! Looking your best is a great self-esteem booster. Who doesn’t need that extra boost in confidence, honestly? We all do!

I’m not saying you should start over-dressing in a way that it becomes uncomfortable for you (and your credit card!), start wearing loads of makeup, or go around checking your reflection in the mirror every few minutes.

What I’m saying is that you should take better care of yourself. One way I personally take care of myself is through exercise. I do it regularly, and believe it or not, it’s even better than a great pep talk!


Here’s how exercise helps:

1) It makes you more optimistic and strengthens you mentally and emotionally.

Exercise obviously builds more physical strength in your body. That’s a given. What you may not realize is that by building physical strength (not an easy task!), you discover what you’re actually physically capable of. You realize that you can do things you never thought you could. That with some effort, you can achieve things you never have before.

That knowledge naturally influences your ability to handle mental and emotional stress and anxiety. Whatever challenges come your way, you know you can deal with these!

And because you have a positive outlook, you’re more willing to explore new ideas, visit new places, pursue new goals, and engage in new activities. You just simply feel better about life!

Ain’t that sexy, though?

2) It leaves you looking good, feeling great!

People who have body-image issues (i.e. those pretty unhappy with the way they look) usually develop low self-esteem. When you’re displeased with the way you look, you’re unhappy with yourself as a person. You can get overcome with such negative thoughts about yourself and it would reflect on your actions—and eventually, your future.

When you exercise, you enhance your physical condition, ergo, improving your image of yourself. Regular exercise can help you tone your body and look better. It doesn’t matter if you don’t lose a lot of weight! Exercising will still likely tone and strengthen your body, resulting in your looking better, which is sure to bolster your self-confidence.

3) It relieves stress and anxiety.

At home or work, life can’t always be easy. There are times when you feel dragged down by life’s issues. Exercising releases endorphins that make you feel good and regulate stress hormones, helping you relax and easing your stress and anxiety.

Do you remember how it feels to be stressed-out? That feeling of anxiety, dread, being overwhelmed, and always irrationally close to losing your temper? Yep, that’s the one.

Exercise can help you feel less stressed and better able to navigate life’s challenges. It can make you feel more equipped to work on the things that you need to accomplish, essentially helping ensure success in your endeavors.

With less stress, you’ll also look fresher and more at peace. What’s inside will definitely be reflected on the outside.

4) It recharges your brain.

When you exercise, you get a brain boost. It’s as if you stretched your brain muscles as well. And because your body feels more energized, your mind feels more alert and able to focus on completing your goals. Interestingly enough, a sharp mind is also, quite possibly, the most attractive part of you.

So who says looks don’t matter?

They do—for the right reasons. So make a little bit of an effort to look good. Show the best side of you. Respect your individuality and treat yourself like a person of substance. Eat healthy foods. Pay attention to nutrition. Exercise. And do it all for you. Because it will make you feel good about yourself. There’s just no outfit better than self-confidence.

Should you decide to take that very first step towards taking better care of your body, we have an assortment of products that can meet your individual supplement needs here! Or if you feel like you need to speak to someone, reach out to me and let’s talk healthy! - Kendra

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