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The Healthy Way to Reach Your Goals news

The Healthy Way to Reach Your Goals


You should set goals beyond your reach so you always have something to live for.Ted Turner 



What’s your goal?


Our goals aren’t always singular. We have goals for our family, for work—and these get tangled up with our personal goals, which make setting targets more complicated.


It doesn’t really matter what your goal is—if it’s a goal for yourself, one for your family or loved ones, a goal for your professional life, or all those together. Whatever the case, you’re going to need to be at your best to achieve them. And you’re going to need to take care of your physical and mental well-being in order to realize your objectives.


Here’s the thing. I see a lot of people sacrifice a lot to get to where they want to go—and that’s super awesome. But if you think skipping meals, consistently losing sleep, or not exercising at all just to complete your current task is the way to getting there, you’re dead wrong.


Practically killing yourself in order to attain your objectives isn’t the way to go.


I’ve seen many people do that. They may attain their goals and objectives, but at huge personal costs.


Hey, be good to yourself! You only have one body so take care of it. Here are some useful tips that will help you take care of you while you’re working on reaching your goals:

A. Never neglect your physical health. This means—


1. Eating real food.

Show yourself some love by (as much as possible) consuming natural food instead of junk or fast food. Pay special attention to your consumption of fruits and vegetables. Reduce (if not eliminate!) consumption of processed foods. This will purge majority of the empty calories and additional salt and sugar in your diet. I promise you, it will feel better!


2. Dining at home.

Sure, you can eat out. But do it occasionally. When you dine at home and prepare your own food, you’ll have better control over your food intake.


3. Staying active!


Continuing your sedentary lifestyle drains your energy and leaves you more at risk for serious health conditions. I know it’s a challenge, especially for those who hold a job that requires them to sit behind a desk all day. But it’s essential to integrate some physical activity into your daily schedule.


4. Hydrating!


Increase your water intake. Most adults need to consume 6 to 8 glasses of water daily. You may also rely on your sense of thirst to determine your own needs.


B. Tend to your emotional well-being.


1. Be optimistic.

Researchers say optimists live longer and have stronger immune systems. Look on the bright side and when things go wrong – as they sometimes will - deal with it and don’t get defeated by it.


2. Sleep well.

Sleep allows us to restore and rejuvenate spent physical and mental energy. My mom always said to go to bed and wake up at generally the same time daily. What can I say? Mothers are always right!


3. Relax!

I know life can get really busy, but find time every day to relax. Whether it’s immersing your body in a warm bath or reading a good book—take time to unwind; it’ll go a long way!


4. Learn to delegate.

Fact is, you can’t do everything by yourself. Don’t try to take everything on. Get other people to support you.


5. Nurture your relationships.

One of the first things we put on the back burner when we’re working on our goals is time spent with family and friends. Big mistake! Do your best to make time for family dinners and lunch dates. Get coffee with your friends. Make time for a phone call and catch up. Your relationships will not only keep you grounded; it will also give you much-needed inspiration while you strive to reach your objectives.


6. Feed your soul.

Your spiritual health plays a vital role in your success. Find something that makes your heart pound. Find your passion and give your soul food to feed on.



I hope you see that ultimately, taking care of your physical and emotional/mental health can only help you accomplish your goals and objectives. Treat yourself with kindness and consideration, and your road to success will be that much easier. Not easy—just easier.


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Best luck! - Kendra

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