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The Simple Strategy to Healthy Living news

The Simple Strategy to Healthy Living


Decisions, decisions.

Every day, we make multiple quick, and often subconscious, decisions that affect our health. What to eat, what to drink, whether to take that flight of stairs or get into the elevator, whether to walk or take a bus or cab. Whether to take this vitamin or that supplement, or none at all.

Whatever it is, you make the choice.

Making the choice

That food on your plate isn’t holding you hostage, after all. You're the one who chooses what you put in your body. And you're the one who decides to lounge on that couch instead of getting up and moving around. Right?

For most people, staying healthy is a choice. The power to change is in your hands. And the ability to take care of your body lies within you.

So the simplest, most bulletproof strategy to healthy living? Make the choice to do it.

Staying healthy

Tony Robbins, life and business coach, and best-selling author, said, "It's in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped!"

So shape your destiny. Choose to be healthy. And live it.

Yes, I know it isn’t easy. It's incredibly difficult to make lifestyle choices that run counter to what you've been doing for a very long time. It's hard to alter habits that have been entrenched in your consciousness for years.

But it’s not impossible. Not if you want it badly enough. Not if you really want to live a happy, comfortable life. And not if you stick like glue to your decision to live healthy.

Healthy living? Happy living!

Consistent, healthy behavior produces a healthy life. It’s one of the key ingredients to a happy life. At the end of the day, isn't happiness what we all want in life?

Our parents used to tell us we could achieve anything if we worked really hard for it. They were right. You can make that change. With the right frame of mind, you will see things through. You may feel discouraged from time-to-time, and go through moments when you feel like giving up (especially when the temptation gets too strong!).  My advice?

Don’t give up!

Truth is, health goals take a long time to achieve. It doesn't happen overnight. But if you continue making the right choices, you can definitely stay healthy. 

Start now! Take small steps. Change one small habit. Once you've gotten used to it, add a second small change. Do it again. And again.

Before you know it, you've conquered what you thought was a mountain you couldn't reach. You are stronger than you believe. 

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Or contact me today to find out how we can help. I’d love to hear from you! 

- Kendra  

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