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What’s with This Keto Craze?

What’s with This Keto Craze?


I’m not really into trends and crazes. I try to stay classic. Ahem.

Nevertheless, I just can’t get away from talks of Keto. It’s everywhere! The latest diet craze today!

And I see why—because it promises weight loss without having to give up bacon. Yey!

So what is Keto or the Ketogenic Diet?

First off, let me clarify that Keto isn’t new. It’s been around for some time. Between the 1920s and 1930s, in fact—for the treatment of epileptic patients.

But it has definitely become all the rage fairly recently.

The general idea behind following the Keto diet is to get the body to utilize fat as fuel instead of glucose. This essentially means eating fats to enable your body to burn fats.

The Keto diet involves a high-fat plan, a modest consumption of protein, and a minimum amount of carbohydrate intake. The objective is to bring the body into a state of ketosis where the body depends largely on ketones for energy. This means that you’ll be using stored sugar (glycogen) as your body’s main source of energy.

Once your body runs out of glycogen, it will need an alternative fuel source. If you adhere to this plan diligently and consistently, your body will process fat and become its fuel source. And once you’re in this state, you’ll be breaking down and melting away a load of body fat.

Awesome, huh?

And because no amount of talking about it will make you understand what this diet entails, I’ve come up with a simple and easy guide that should help!

 keto diet


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Disclaimer: We advise that you consult a physician prior to starting any diet program.

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