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Our natural Ashwagandha Capsules help your body adapt to and manage stress. Known for its ability to calm and balance nerves, Ashwagandha is the perfect natural solution for anyone who feels overwhelmed, tired or irritable. It's a great stress fighter.*


  • NO STIMULANTS, NO DROWSINESS -  Ashwagandha is a caffeine-free herb known to help promote energy levels and ward off fatigue. Studies have also shown Ashwagandha to gently help support the body’s natural immune defenses and sleep cycle, which will help you feel and be your best! All while boosting your energy and immunity!* 
  • DIGESTIVE AID - Artichoke extract is a concentrated form of artichoke that acts as a digestive aid and helps promote absorption.*
  • MOOD SUPPORT - Studies have shown that taking Ashwagandha daily helps promote a positive outlook. Great for social settings, travel or at home. You're getting positive mood support when you need it most!*


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    Customer Reviews

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    Great product, decent price

    Great product, slightly more costly than similar products but at least as effective (if not more) than competing ashwagandha brands. Even a half dose turns the volume on my anxiety way down for half the day!

    Awesome product.

    These are phenomenal for stress relief and sleep. We have been taking valerian root before bed, but after reading around on Reddit we came across these. Really have a nice calming effect without making you drowsy or crappy side effects from medication. We're already on our second bottle.

    Five Stars

    Works great!! Just like description! On second bottle! Helps relive my anxiety like a charm

    Has helped tremendously with my thyroid/adrenal health

    I۪ve been taking this for almost a year now. An Ayurvedic practitioner recommended that I take Ashwagandha to get my thyroid/adrenal health back into balance. It۪s worked really well and has become my favorite supplement. I۪ve overcome a lot of stress and I noticed a huge difference in when I take them regularly and when I get off track. Whether it۪s this brand or another, I۪d recommend it if you need thyroid support.

    Very happy with purchase

    I have never tried this product before and wasn't sure it first but I'm very happy that I got this it works