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Berberine + Cinnamon

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Berberine, a potent antioxidant, has immune-enhancing properties which can help the body defend itself, especially during flu season. Berberine has also been shown to have supportive cardiovascular benefits, which include helping maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels.*

  • SUPERIOR FORMULATION - Berberine on its own is poorly absorbed by the body, so we stack our Berberine with Citrus Bioflavones, helping you experience all the immune-boosting benefits Berberine has to offer. Try our Berberine in conjunction with our Ashwagandha or DHEA for a powerful superior combination! *
  • PREMIUM BLOOD SUGAR SUPPORT - Studies focused on the weight loss benefits of Berberine have shown it can help promote healthy blood sugar levels, the body’s metabolism and other healthy biomarkers which support weight loss and body detoxification programs. And the addition of cinnamon helps supercharge its blood sugar stabilization properties, making it the perfect supplement for weight loss and detox.*