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L-Lysine is one of the body's essential amino acids needed to produce all the proteins in the body. These amino acids help support cardiovascular, respiratory, immune and skeletal systems within your body.*


  • OPTIMAL SKIN CARE REGIMEN - L-Lysine is one of the key components in collagen and elastin, which helps provide the skin its firm & healthy structure. We formulated our L-Lysine capsules with a potent amount of amino acid to help restore a smooth, even, youthful complexion. Additionally, increasing L-Lysine in the diet is found to help prevent common cold sores.*
  • EASY ABSORPTION - Our capsules are created in the L-Lysine hydrochloric acid (HCl) molecular form so that they're more soluble & easier for the body to digest. HCl is a naturally occurring stomach acid that helps to break up fats & proteins for quicker digestion in the small intestine, making nutrient absorption easier for the body.*