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11 Reasons Everyone Is Talking About Elderberry

11 Reasons Everyone Is Talking About Elderberry

For such a tiny fruit, the Elderberry sure has made a lot of news lately.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, lovingly described it in 400 BCE as the “medicine chest” of all herbs because of its widespread benefits and the way all parts of its plant are used. Hey, even Harry Potter fans know that it made the most powerful wand ever, the Elder Wand. The purplish-black fruit grows in “nutlets” on the Elderberry shrub, part of the honeysuckle family. It is generally acknowledged for centuries to help our immune systems, which obviously explains why it is a constant challenge to keep the gummies in stock here at Havasu Nutrition.

The COVID-19 pandemic has kept the Elderberry plant in headlines because pretty much any topic related to the coronavirus and its disease is under constant scrutiny. So we decided to just search the word “Elderberry” in various resources and see some of its most popular content engagements. Here are 11 of them:

1. The Invincible Elder
It has been around since the ancient Greeks and Romans, and Native Americans always found it practical. But this Pittsburgh Quarterly article looks at why all of a sudden “there’s great interest now in the elderberry and its medicinal value.”

2. How to Make Elderberry Popsicles
See how DIY blogger Jill Mills made Elderberry Popsicles for her three boys, combining elderberry syrup with grape juice, raw honey and OJ.

3. Natural supplements found to boost immunity and strengthen body against COVID-19
Watch as Jonathan Evans, an herbalist at the Herbarium, talks about ways to strengthen the immune system and other areas of the body vulnerable to COVID-19.

4. The Humbel Umbel: Grow Elderberries This Year, For You And The Birds
Vermont Public Radio’s All Things Gardening program takes a look at how and why to grow Elderberry, and explains what an umbel is.

5. Can Elderberry Treat the Flu?
The New York Times writes that limited evidence suggests it might help reduce symptoms and duration, but the flu vaccine and medical advice from a doctor are still foremost in importance. The article originally appeared on March 3, but was updated on April 17 in the middle of quarantine time.

6. Elderberry Extract Will Not Prevent or Cure the Coronavirus
Men's Health magazine explores Elderberry and its recent surge in popularity. Registered Dietician Abby Langer says Elderberry is “safe . . . so if it makes you feel better to take it, go right ahead.” But she cautions: “There is nothing on elderberry and its effects on coronavirus or COVID-19, which we all should know by now is nothing like cold and flu.”

7. Naturally Informed: Immune Health Supplement Education
Taking Control of the immunity & Wellness Market was a virtual event on June 11-12, and WholeFoods Magazine took a look at go-to supplements, including Elderberry.

8. Promising coronavirus research looks at elderberry
Dr. Patrick Massey writes in the Daily Herald of Chicago that some lab research suggests Elderberry may actively prevent the binding of COVID-like viruses to cells, thus limiting the potential for infection.

9. Botanicals and Immunity: Adequate Sample Size, Safety and Pharmacokinetic Studies Crucial for Success
Research into immunity has been growing fast in the botanical space, and Elderberry is one of those attention-getters right now.

10. Elderberry For Sick Kids Sounds Perfect, But Here's What Experts Want You To Know
Dr. Daniel Ganjian, pediatrician at Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, Calif., tells Romper: "Have it around and take it when you are not feeling well or when you are around sick people (to help boost your immune system and prevent yourself from getting sick).”

11. When Not to Use Elderberry: Using a Little Discernment
Stephanie at Naturally Simple Living cautions that we are learning as we go with the virus, so do your research into Elderberry.

Bottom line: This is all uncharted waters for us, so keep your Elderberry on hand like Native Americans did for medicinal purposes. Even if you don't have an Elder Wand handy to ward off problems, be sure to read up, wear a mask, social distance and don't stop being careful out there!

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