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6 Tips & Tricks to Caring For Your Lips

6 Tips & Tricks to Caring For Your Lips

Now, it’s time for some lip action.
No, it’s not what you think! When it comes to skincare, most people overlook their lips. They have a complete skin regimen for their face and body, but neglect caring for their lips.
When you really think about it, next to your eyes, the lips can be considered the most prominent part of your face. Which is why men and women should be taking care of their lips more.
Sure, girls can wear vibrant shades of lipstick, but no lip color can ever look as good as lips that are well cared for.
You see, the skin on your lips is way more sensitive than the skin on other parts of your body. With very little oil glands and no natural melanin, the lips have practically no defense against damage. And this is why they easily chap and crack if not given enough attention.
Of course, regular application of lip balm is a speedy solution to dry, chapped lips. But there are some other lip care tips and tricks you can try to help you get them smoother and softer.


1. Exfoliate twice a week 

Exfoliating scrubs off dry skin, dead skin cells, and facilitates the skin renewal process. Try this do-it-yourself method for an easy, convenient way to incorporate it into your beauty routine:

a. Mix one teaspoon of honey (for moisturizing and lightening darkened lips) and two teaspoons of sugar (a natural exfoliant). Gently scrub the mixture over your lips and let it stay for at least 10 minutes. Wash it off with cold water.

b. Moisturize with Shea butter, beeswax, or even coconut oil.

c. Do this twice a week.


2. Moisturize regularly

Yes, I know we already moisturized after exfoliating in our DIY method (above), but the skin on the lips are so delicate they lose moisture easily. So moisturizing needs an entirely new entry.

a. Try regular Vaseline application to give your lips some much-needed hydration. Vaseline speeds up the skin renewal process and protects your lips from damage.

b. When out and about, carry a lip balm with you and use it at regular intervals for supple lips. Choose one with an SPF to shield your lips from the sun.

3. Never lick your lips

A lot of people get into the habit of licking their lips, thinking the wetness will address the dryness. The truth is, licking your lips does more damage than good. Instead of hydrating, your lips will get even drier as your lips are too delicate for the enzymes contained in the saliva. So read my lips: “Don’t lick your lips.”


4. Apply lipstick when going out

This is obviously for women (though no one’s stopping men from doing it if they wish!). Don’t worry, my lips are sealed.
Going back—it’s better to put some lipstick on before stepping out of the house. As mentioned earlier, the lips lack natural protection so wearing a lipstick provides an extra shield against dirt, dry air, the sun, and other external factors.

And when it comes to lipsticks, I recommend skipping those matte lipsticks. They may look very attractive if you’re into the Kardashian or Kylie Jenner look, but matte lipstick just makes your lips really dry and cakey. Choose a lipstick that offers some glycerin or vitamin E content, and don’t forget to always use a lip balm prior to using any lipstick.


5. Drink lots of water

This one, I’d swear by. Staying hydrated by drinking lots of water every day is one sure way of maintaining healthy lips. Enough water intake will help prevent dryness and chapping. And that’s not lip service.


6. Clean up before bedtime

Allow your lips to breathe overnight so make sure you remove all traces of makeup before bedtime. It’s best to use a damp cotton ball to clean your lips.


For added skin support, check out our Collagen Peptides and Collagen Gummies, both carefully crafted to support healthy and radiant skin. For your optimal skin care regimen, try our L-Lysine—also works for preventing/treating the common cold sore!

So, what do you think? Will you be able to integrate these tricks into your daily skincare regimen? Try these simple tips and tricks to get those naturally smooth and soft lips today!



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