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7 Healthy Snacks for Your Sweet Tooth

7 Healthy Snacks for Your Sweet Tooth

We all know by now that sugar is harmful both to your physical and mental health. So in this blog, we’ll talk about the possibility of ditching sugar.


I can almost hear the violent reactions from those with a sweet tooth.


Indeed, sugar can be tough to avoid, as almost everything—sodas, desserts, processed foods—contain sugar. But you need to control your sugar intake, especially as you age. Not only can too much sugar intake increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease, but it can also lead to tooth decay and rising triglyceride levels.


Too much sugar also negatively impacts your mental health. Consuming large amounts of sugar can give you a rush and, unfortunately, a consequent crash—emotionally. And this can result in a feeling of nervousness, irritability, jitters, and brain fog. Worse still, if you’re already suffering from anxiety, it could make it worse and even result in depression and memory loss.


Still craving sweets?


No worries; your cravings can still be satisfied. Just in a smarter, healthier way.


And just because you decided to say goodbye to processed sugar does not mean you need to deprive yourself of eating sweet food! I’ve put together a list of 7 sweet snacks loaded with nutritional benefits that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Let’s check them out!


1. Acai Bowl

Instead of going for that ice cream sundae or banana split, go for this dreamy acai bowl with berries and dark chocolate chips. A great antioxidant, you can also try these other Acai Bowl recipes for an interesting change-up!


2. Mandarin Orange with Cottage Cheese

Refreshingly sweet yet filled with creamy, citrusy nutrients, such as calcium, vitamin C, and protein, this healthy snack makes for a truly satisfying snack or dessert. If you want to get sweeter still, drizzle it with honey and you’re all set!


3. Pears, Greek Yogurt and Honey

Swap out your poached pears with the saccharine indulgence of fresh pears, Greek yogurt, and honey. The fiber (from the pears), the protein from Greek yogurt, and the luscious sweetness of honey make this an awesome snack.


4. Spirulina Chia Pudding and Cashew Yogurt Parfait

Leah’s Plate shows us how it’s done. A beautifully layered parfait of chia seeds, spirulina, granola, and a bunch of other delish stuff, it’s easy to put together, fun-to-do, and rich in iron. Yum.


5. Coconut Yogurt with Mango Chunks

Oh, that tasty vitamin A-rich mango texture combined with the smoothness of coconut yogurt is a taste of heaven. Indulgently creamy, it’s healthy and vegan—believe it or not! Best have sliced frozen mangoes on your freezer so you can easily prepare this whenever you want it!


6. Peach “Sundaes”

No, this isn’t really a sundae. In a bowl, prepare half a fresh peach or a few slices of canned peaches. Add a tablespoon of goat cheese with a drizzle of honey and a quarter teaspoon of vanilla. Sprinkle with cinnamon and enjoy this vitamin C-filled treat!


7. Blueberry Mint Salad

A delectable mix of blueberries, Greek yogurt, and mint, this zero-guilt goodness will certainly fill your tummy. Try this Salad Menu recipe for a gratifying vitamin C and collagen-enriched salad!


It’s incredible how much benefit you’ll get from reducing your sugar intake. So try these quick delights and get sweet and healthy!


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