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I'm really glad and surprised

For the past two weeks, I've been taking two gummies per day. I've lost 5 pounds of covid quarantine weight that I've been attempting to shed for months despite not changing my food or exercise routine! My hubby now desires his own bottle!


I like the health advantages of apple cider vinegar but not the flavor. The gummies have a faint ACV aroma but no taste. I take these for overall immunological health and can't say enough good things about them!

Delicious and awesome

These gummies are fantastic. They have eased my digestion and resulted in less unpleasant bloating. It smells a little strange when you first open the bottle, but it's actually quite tasty after you bite into one. This gummy has no side effects and produces excellent results.

I feel great and healthy again

I fractured my back and couldn't walk for two years, causing serious health problems and causing me to gain a lot of weight. I started running and lifting again, but after 40, the fat didn't seem to want to go away. I don't consume meat or dairy, and I exercise often, yet I still couldn't drop much weight. I tried a few other items but they didn't work most of them are for energy and include too many stimulants, making me nauseous. So I found them and have been using them for 60 days, and I honestly feel like I'm 20 again since I started taking them. I'm in terrific shape, and the fruits of my efforts are showing.

I'm not happy

I've purchased these gummies several times. The company has lowered the gummy size in half since receiving this last shipment. When I opened the package, I immediately noticed that the container was smaller, yet they were charging the same price. Pretty enraged. False advertising and theft of my funds.

Unsealed bottles are being sent along with the product.

This seems to be already open. There was no seal on this. I tallied the items and discovered that ten were missing. I'm guessing this was mailed to me after being returned.

This is a fantastic addition to your morning routine!

We're both over 50 and wanted something to go with our morning coffee. There's no taste, it mixes nicely, and it's good for our joints and digestive health!

does not alter the flavor of the morning smoothie

Since using this, my hair appears to be thicker. I'm currently on my second bottle.

I highly suggest this

My hair and skin are looking amazing! It also appears to be easier to blend than other powders.

It goes well with a wide range of liquids.

This collagen powder is by far my favorite after trying numerous others. It has a very neutral/bland flavor that allows it to be hidden in almost any liquid.

Really awesome

My skin feels and looks better since I started taking the Collagen Peptide Powder.

Amazing collagen and probiotics!!!

After using this product for a month, I observed a reduction in the appearance of small lines on my face and neck. I've also experienced less joint pain in my fingers. I will continue to purchase this stuff!

Good for a beauty that is natural

I've only been taking it for a few weeks, but I've already noticed an improvement in my overall complexion and vibrancy. Excellent Collagen Booster!

Too bad it has a bad taste

I've only had this product for a few days, so I can't say how well it works for joints or intestinal health, but it's definitely not flavorless. When added to flavored coffee, it tastes considerably better than water, but it has an odd, farmy flavor that many people dislike.

No noticeable effects yet

This product has been in my system for approximately a week. I haven't observed any changes yet, but I expect to in the next weeks. You can't taste the product when it's mixed with a flavored drink or smoothie, however, there is a slight taste when added to water. The water turns a soft light golden color as well.

Excellent for your health

I've been using it for a month and have seen and noticed changes: my hair is growing, my nails are becoming more vibrant, and my right knee is no longer sore. I really enjoy the taste. I like to drink it with milk.

It perfectly breaksdown with liquid

This powder dissolves beautifully in my morning coffee. I can't taste my coffee because of the way I make it. That is, I use flavored creamer, which masks the taste of the powder.

Good item

This product is fantastic! It helps my stomach, hair, skin, and nails. Will tell my family and friends about it! My sister has already signed up!

It's outstanding!

I mix a scoop with my coffee in the morning and like the lack of bitterness! After being on collagen for several months, my hairdresser has noticed hair growth, and I simply feel better.

Quickly breaksdown in liquid

For over two years, I've been utilizing collagen powder. This collagen is packaged in a smaller container that takes up less space and dissolves quickly. With this collagen, my nails and hair have grown quite quickly. Nothing else in my diet has changed.

Everyone's taste buds are different.

This was an extremely disappointing purchase. Unlike the majority of others who have given 5 stars, I simply cannot bring myself to do so. It arrived on time and in good condition (3 stars). The foul odor and taste were game-changers. It's quite difficult not to gag while drinking it. I've tried it all, including bullion in a cup. I'm disappointed in the product because the most of the reviews are five stars and well written, which influenced my decision to test this brand. Needless to say, I will not be purchasing this item again.


I drink it with almond milk and enjoy it.

I like it

Havasu, thank you! Since taking this, my skin has improved dramatically!

Excellent collagen at an affordable price

As a diabetic, I'm looking to increase my protein intake. To aid with this, I've started utilizing hydrolyzed collagen protein. I previously purchased another brand, but now Havasu has released this new product that provides the same benefits as my old brand at a lower cost.

Collagen is my favorite! It's fantastic!

This protein powder is my second purchase. I use it in my coffee every day, and it has flavor, unlike a more costly brand that tasted like fish. It's equally effective.