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Prebiotic + Probiotic Capsules

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Our probiotic capsules provide a broad range of health-promoting probiotics clinically shown in human studies to support regularity, healthy digestive function and immune health. They feature a patented strain of Bacillus subtilis (DE111), which is not only shelf-stable, but it also survives the passage through the acids of the stomach and into the lower GI tract, where the probiotics can exert their greatest health benefits.*
  • 15 TIMES MORE EFFECTIVE - Our Advanced Probiotic Capsules feature probiotic strains delivered with a microbead capsule that ensures they will reach even your large intestine, making them more than fifteen times more effective than other probiotic capsules.*
  • RELIEF FROM OCCASIONAL DIGESTIVE ISSUES - Havasu Advanced Probiotic Capsules replenish the beneficial bacteria your body needs for optimal digestive, immune system, heart health and more!*