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Beet Root Powder

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Many beet root powders on the market today taste, literally, like dirt, which is often a reflection of the quality of vegetable selected for the product. We take pride in sourcing the freshest beets, picked at their peak, cleaned and carefully dried into a pure concentrated powder. We're able to capture the naturally sweet, yet subtle flavor of fresh beets and formulate it into a premium blend, ready to combine with water as a premium pre-workout.*


  • HIT PEAK PERFORMANCE WITH A QUICK RECOVERY - Beets contain powerful body-enhancing compounds called betalains, which have been shown to support the health of the circulatory and vascular systems. This is why beets have been long-revered for their ability to promote energy levels, optimal performance and a balanced recovery.* 
  • POWER-PACKED HEALTH BOOSTER - Our Beet Root Powder not only tastes good but is also overflowing with potent phytonutrients like naturally occurring nitrates, betaine and phenols. Combined with the adaptogenic and body-strengthening properties of the Peak O2 mushroom blend, our Beet Root Powder is bursting with potent plant-compounds not found in any other beet powder on the market today.*