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Probiotic Gummies

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    Havasu Probiotic Gummies are a great-tasting way to get friendly bacteria to your digestive system. Made with natural fruit flavors, our gummies feature a special probiotic strain that's naturally found in the intestinal microflora, surrounding itself with protective layers to increase its viability.*


      • DELICIOUS PROBIOTIC WITH GUARANTEED BIOACTIVITY - No refrigeration needed! Our probiotic gummies are heat-resistant and can be taken with you anywhere.*
      • SUPPORTS DIGESTIVE HEALTH AND REGULARITY - Our Probiotic Gummies offer B.COAGULANS, an acid-resistant probiotic bacterial strain known to naturally colonize in the human GI tract, replenishing the beneficial bacteria your body needs for optimal digestive and immune health!* 
      • NATURAL FRUIT FLAVORS, NO PRESERVATIVES- Havasu Probiotic Gummies are the easiest and most delicious way to get your daily probiotics. Made with natural fruit flavors and no artificial preservatives, they make taking your daily probiotic a tasty treat you can enjoy anytime.*