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5 Amazing Benefits of Lavender

September 17, 2021

For centuries, lavender has been known for its soothing scent and added to soaps and bath products because of its calming effects. Lavender is a flowering plant in the mint family -- yes, that’s right, the mint family -- native to Europe but can be grown indoors or outdoors in most countries including the U.S.

The flowers of the lavender plant can be dried and used for several holistic purposes including as a sleep aid, to alleviate and help cure pain from various skin conditions and as an essential oil. Below are some of the amazing benefits of making lavender a staple in your home:

Hair and Skin 

As a natural antimicrobial, lavender essential oils are an excellent additive to hand sanitizer, skin creams and shampoo. Lavender fights acne and helps to alleviate dry skin and eczema. To supplement your skin care routine, add lavender essential oils and Havasu Collagen gummies for strong nails, hair growth, firm skin and to support joint health.

Lavender acts as an insect repellant to help keep mosquitos and other pesky skin predators at bay without having to use sprays with harsh chemicals. A little-known skin benefit of lavender is that it aids in healing mild to moderate wounds such as scrapes and mild burns.

Relief for Pain and Inflammation

Recent research has revealed that rubbing lavender essential oils onto a sore or tender area can help alleviate muscle pain and inflammation and it works for pets too! In fact, pain relief provided by topical lavender essential oils is equal to that of a strong prescription pain reliever like Tramadol, according to the study.



Sleep Aid 

Lavender essential oils can help to calm the mind and help alleviate stress and anxiety especially before bed. For about $20, you can buy an essential oil lamp and for another $20, a bottle of lavender essential oils from your favorite holistic store or department store. About 30 minutes before bed, add the oils to the lamp and turn it on (try getting a lamp that also has alternating colors and/or plays soft soothing sounds) and let the oils begin to permeate the air. So, when you walk into the room and finally hit the bed at the end of a long day, you will fall fast asleep to the soothing aroma of lavender.


Relief for Allergy and Asthma Symptoms

Because lavender is a powerful anti-inflammatory, using the lamp with lavender essential oils can help to alleviate allergy and asthma symptoms. You can combine the lavender oils with mint and/or eucalyptus oil in the lamp for even more relief from allergy,asthma, cold and flu symptoms. Also try warming a towel and putting a few drops of lavender oils on it and using it as a warm compress on the chest area which can help to reduce lung inflammation much like Vicks vapor rub does but with a nice, soothing, relaxing aroma as opposed to the harsher aroma of Vicks. 


Potent Antifungal 

Recent studies have shown that lavender oils have potent antifungal properties which can increase the strength of medicines for skin and nail conditions that are sometimes resistant to fungal treatment when the medicine and lavender oils are used together. It also doesn’t have any side effects like prescribed antifungal medications could have. 

As always, consult your physician before using lavender essential oils for treating medical conditions especially if you are using the oils in combination with other prescribed medicines or treatments.