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9 Homemade Tricks To Naturally Fabulous Hair

August 12, 2018

Hair doesn't make a woman (or man), but good hair definitely helps. - Nami M. Scott

Imagine having lustrous, flowy tresses cascading down your back, dancing in the breeze as you slowly walk by—

Okay, we can’t all be JLo so I’ll stop right there.

But the fact is, everybody wants great hair. It’s your crowning glory. The greatest accessory in the world!

Unfortunately, we don’t always know how to take care of it. So today, we’re talking about hair; how to take care of it and keep it healthy—without having to splurge by going to the salon and using up tons of expensive products.

Here are some (not-so-secret!) homemade easy-to-follow tips to shiny, strong, and healthy hair:

1. Balance Your Hair’s PH Level With Apple Cider Vinegar

Many of the hair products you use upset your hair’s pH level, which can leave it looking brittle and dry. It’s important to maintain your hair’s natural acidity level, preventing bacteria and fungi in the scalp and hair, and leaving it naturally healthy. 

How It Works: Mix Two Parts Very Warm Water (Not Hot) With One Part Apple Cider Vinegar. Pour And Massage The Mixture Into Your Hair And Scalp, And Air Dry For A Few Minutes. (You Just Have To Bear With The Smell For A Little While. Hey, Nobody Said It Was Easy To Get Pretty Hair!) Wash Hair As Usual.

2. Enrich Your Hair From The Inside With Fatty Acids

Coconut oil is a great source of fatty acids. It penetrates the hair shaft, reduces protein loss, and promotes hair growth. Other sources of omega-3 fatty acids include certain food, such as salmon, herring, sardines, yogurt, flax seed, cereal, yogurt, and cottage cheese

How It Works: Massage Coconut Oil Onto Your Hair And Scalp And Leave It On For A Few Hours Before Washing It Off.

3. Shine On With An Avocado Mask

Avocados contain a wealth of vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids that, applied to your tresses, will help restore its natural luster.

How It Works: Mash A Ripe Avocado With Egg. Spread Evenly Over Wet Hair And Leave It On For 20 Minutes. Rinse Well. For Damaged Hair, Repeat Once A Week; Once A Month If Your Hair Is Already In Good Shape.

4. Tame Your Frizz With Essential Oils

Instantly manage your frizzy, brittle, or flyaway strands with sandalwood and olive or jojoba oil. 

How It Works: Simply Mix A Few Drops Of Olive Or Jojoba Oil With Sandalwood Oil And Smooth The Mixture Through The Ends Of Your Hair Using Your Palms To Achieve Instant Sleekness. A Few Drops Of Hand Lotion Also Works As An Alternative! 

5. Go The Eggs-Tra Mile With A Protein Blend

Supply your hair with much-needed protein using just one egg!

How It Works: Beat One Egg And Add A Small Amount Of Your Regular Shampoo, Use It On Your Hair Like You Would Any Other Shampoo, Leave It On For Five Minutes, And Rinse Well.

6. Condition Your Mane With Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is well-known for conditioning the hair, soothing the scalp, and treating hair loss. I’m a testament to aloe’s ability to promote hair growth, as that’s what I used to thicken my thin locks when I was in 5th grade! Now that I’m an adult, I use it to control dandruff.

How It Works: Massage Pure Aloe Vera Gel (This Will Be The Clear Gel At The Center Of An Aloe Vera Leaf When You Cut It) Directly To Your Scalp And Hair Several Times A Week. If You Prefer, You May Try An Aloe Vera Shampoo And Conditioner Sold In Any Drug Store Or Supermarket As An Alternative.

7. Want More Softness And Shine? Create Your Own Conditioner!

Mayonnaise is a superb source of protein. I know it sounds icky to put food in your hair but if you can bear with it for a bit. It’ll be worth it, I swear!

How It Works: Coat Your Hair With A Generous Helping Of Mayonnaise, Leave It On For At Least An Hour, Then Rinse Well. You Won’t Believe How Soft And Lustrous Your Hair Will Be!

If you don’t have mayonnaise, try condensed milk, which also contains a generous amount of protein for that super shine.

8. When Life Gives You Lemons, You Gotta Put Some On Your Hair

Fresh lemon juice enhances hair quality and growth and helps you maintain a healthy scalp.

How It Works: Massage Fresh Lemon Juice Into Your Hair And Scalp 10-15 Minutes Before Shampooing.

9. Go For A Hot Olive Oil Treatment

This olive oil hair mask will help repair and soften your dry hair.

How It Works: Warm-Up (Not Boil!) Half A Cup Of Olive Oil, And Generously Apply It To Your Locks. Cover Your Hair With A Shower Cap (Even A Plastic Grocery Bag Will Do!), And Wrap A Towel Over It. Allow It To Sit For At Least 45 Minutes, Shampoo, And Rinse Well.

You may not be Rapunzel with long, thick hair. In fact, you may be wearing a short, practical bob that doesn’t need a lot of styling. It doesn’t matter! You have to take care of your mane, as that is the one accessory guaranteed to make or break your look—and your confidence. There’s plenty of other ways to get that envy-worthy mane, but with these hair care tips, you’re bound to rock that great hair!

Interested in other all-natural alternatives to amazingly healthy hair? Visit our page and check out our Apple Cider Vinegar supplements! Work it! - Kendra