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I Want To Lose Weight: The Lazy Person’s Guide To Taking Action

August 8, 2018

The struggle is real.

If you’ve been wanting to lose weight but are coming up with one reason after another to keep from taking action, you aren’t alone.

I want to lose weight, but—

I just don't have the time. Junk food and soda taste so good. I feel embarrassed about going to the gym. I don't have the energy—I'm too tired at the end of the day.

Sound familiar?
 Excuses, all!

Unfortunately, wanting something doesn’t always translate to doing. Worse still, sometimes, you are your own worst enemy. Call it laziness. Procrastination. Reticence. Whatever.

The point is, you find one excuse after another to not do the work. I’m here to tell you this—

Pandering to your lame excuses isn’t getting you anywhere! You need to get up and act now! #toughlove

Did that work?

No? Alright, if that didn’t work, let me poke you in the butt with these three simple steps to help keep you from slacking off and start moving! Read on!


1. Understand Your Motivation: Why Do You Really Want To Lose Weight In The First Place?

Is it just to look good? Do you want to feel more confident about yourself? Do you want to be able to present yourself in the best possible light at work, in school, or in business? Do you want to build your self-esteem? Do you want to be healthy and live a longer life for yourself, your family, and loved-ones? All of these?

Motivation is the key.

And having a deep understanding of why you want to lose weight is essential to your being able to start doing it—and sustaining it. 

Admit it or not, a lot of people go to the gym just because it's cool to do so. Or because they want to meet other people. Or because it seems like a "thing" and has become some sort of a status symbol.

And while I can understand and respect that choice, that is not the kind of motivation that will sustain you throughout your weight loss journey.

Once you've fully understood what your motivation is, you can begin your weight loss challenge, knowing you have the ability to see it through to the end. There's a perfect term for it in basketball: Eyes on the ball.
 Which means focus on your goal.


2. Have Faith And Find An Inspiration

Let me tell you why I lumped these two together.

While working to lose weight is physically challenging, a huge part of it is emotional and mental. For you to be able to continue working it, day-after-day, you have to believe that you can actually achieve your weight loss goals!

Without that faith, you would have lost even before you started.
Along with that belief, comes having a tangible inspiration to work towards. You have to have a goal! And it doesn't always have to be numbers!
It could be just fitting into your clothes a little better. Or looking your best and being able to confidently show up for an important event. Or simply being able to bend down to tie your laces without feeling like you’re about to faint! Whatever it is, find that inspiration! And use that as motivation.

Get inspired!

Hang a motivational quote or two on your refrigerator door, bathroom mirror, dresser, or wherever else you can easily see regularly. You might even want to keep one of these quotes on the sun visor in your vehicle. Who knows, you might need a little extra motivation there in order to stop you from going through the local fast food drive-through!
Our brain is the most powerful muscle in our body. So if we think it—and believe it—we can make it happen.

Napoleon Hill said it perfectly: "What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve."


3. Get Your Friends And Family Involved

Let's face it, one of the biggest reasons for being unsuccessful when it comes to losing weight is giving in to temptation.

It's just too hard to resist that television show or movie you want to watch while lounging on that couch all day. It's too difficult to say no to junk food and sugary treats.

It's true!

One of the most challenging things when you're trying to lose weight is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If your family members and friends are not eating healthy either, you might be hard-pressed to maintain a healthy diet. It would be excruciatingly difficult to resist the temptation of eating junk food or drinking soda if you're watching your entire family and your friends doing it.

And sometimes, it's utterly boring to exercise on your own, right?
Doing exercises, running, going to the gym, or doing Zumba is infinitely more enjoyable with your friends and family members sweating it out with you. These are why it's so important to get your friends and family involved.

Get their support!

Thoroughly explain to them why you want to lose weight. If they're not into exercising or losing weight, that's fine! They can just support you. They can do their best to eat healthy in front of you—or make sure you are. They can be your cheerleaders! They can encourage you and energize you when you're feeling down and discouraged. They can remind you of your goals, check on how you're doing, and how far you've come. They can remind you that those snacks you’re craving will set you back from your objectives.

And they can keep believing that you will achieve your goals. Believe me, that kind of faith from the people you love can drive you to make things happen.
Give your friends and family your commitment to losing weight—and ask them to hold you to it.
Some people may have no problem letting themselves down, but when it comes to their loved ones—they simply refuse to fail.
Ask them to be supportive, to never make fun of you, and to be the people that you can be accountable to.

With these three simple yet important tips, you should have enough courage and willpower to push yourself to finally lose all of the extra weight you’ve wanted to get rid of for far too long. You can finally break free from those lame excuses—and start accelerating towards your weight loss journey.

Remember: You can be better. You can do this!

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