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5 Super Reasons Why Elderberry is a Superfood

April 1, 2022

While acai berries grabbed the attention of wellness experts in the past few years, another superfruit has quietly been getting headlines as an all-purpose supplement: Elderberries.

But it’s not as if elderberries are new to the health and wellness game. Way back in 400 BCE, Hippocrates, the father of medicine, lovingly described the tart fruit as the “medicine chest” of all herbs because of its widespread benefits. It has been used traditionally by Native Americans and the ancient Egyptians. Today, elderberries are one of the most popular supplements in the U.S. and it’s easy to understand why.

Black elderberry, genus name Sambucus nigra, have the highest concentrations of antioxidants than any other berry on the planet. The antioxidants found in elderberries combat free radicals in the body, provide proven health benefits, and help the body to stay in shape.

There are many ways to ingest this superfood, the easiest and tastiest is by popping a couple gummies in your mouth. Here are just five of the many benefits of elderberry supplements:

Boosts Immune System

Elderberries are jam-packed with immune-boosting antioxidantsincluding vitamins A, B, and Cthat keep your immune system strong and help fight off infections such as common viruses like the cold or flu. A 2020 review of five elderberry studies concluded that, when taken within 48 hours of initial symptoms, elderberry supplements may reduce the length and severity of fever, headache, runny nose, and congestion associated with cold and flu. Elderberries contain anthocyanins—a pigment that prevent flu viruses from reproducing inside our bodies, which may prevent the onset of flu or decrease the duration of its symptoms such as runny nose, nasal congestion and coughing.

Protects Heart & Blood Vessels

Elderberries are rich in bioactive flavonoids, which multiple studies have suggested help lower blood pressure and prevent the onset or progression of heart disease. One study found that after five weeks of taking an elderberry supplement, participants significantly decreased cholesterol levels overall and LDL cholesterol in particular. Elderberry supplements boost the secretion of insulin, improving blood sugar level control that can prevent heart and vascular disease. Some studies suggest that the fruit also has a positive effect on blood pressure.

Reduces Inflammation

Elderberries contain a variety of "bioactives" -- anti-inflammatory compounds you might've heard of like tannins and flavonoids that can help prevent damage to our bodies' cells. 

Stress, polluted air, unhealthy foods, and substances like alcohol or tobacco can all cause inflammation in the body, which may contribute to cellular damage. Inflammation can lead to chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer. Elderberries naturally help reduce inflammation and protect your body from free radicals.

Improves Cognitive Function

The phytochemicals in elderberries have been linked to an improved mood and memory. Taking a daily elderberry supplement has been shown to help relieve some symptoms of mental/emotional disorders such as anxiety and depression. Elderberries are loaded with anthocyanins, which have been shown to protect the brain and neurons. Studies suggest that elderberry supplements are one of the most reliable ways to decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Calm the Nervous System

High levels of oxidative stress are a major contributor of depression. The antioxidants in elderberries protect the central nervous system against free radical damage and lowers the risk of oxidative stress. A regular regimen of an elderberry supplement relaxes the mind and reduces stress levels.

Adding elderberry gummies to your daily wellness routine has many other benefits, such as treating acne, eliminating bad breath, strengthening bones, enhancing skin and hair health, improving eyesight and much more. It truly is superfood!